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Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.
--John F. Kennedy


Members of our team have been involved in various capacities at large and small marketing and multimedia agencies, software companies, and educational organizations. Our team has a collective history of work for such clients as Hallmark, Dream Works, ABC and the Sci-Fi Channel. We've done work for clients from Hollywood to New York City.

While we found working in the fast lane to be exciting and addictive, its pull for most of the people in our group began to decline. We found we enjoyed our smaller, down-to-earth clientele. We enjoyed providing a quality product for an appreciative audience. We found satisfaction in making suggestions, finding solutions, helping companies grow, seeing organizations bettering their communities, and assisting individuals to achieve their goals.

Two people -- one for the money (armed with her MBA) and one for the show (a fine artist with a day job) -- spear-headed the formation of a small company based on making quality marketing, design, web sites, advertising, and general consulting available at reasonable fees to small and medium businesses and organizations. Rather than aquiring employees and overhead that sometimes puts financial pressure on agencies to veer from their goals, we created a network of talented individuals who are available to Red Gazelle depending on the needs of each project. This has allowed us to maintain our commitment to the "small guy" while providing the quality of service usually found in larger agencies with many employees.

What's in a Name?
"How did you come up with the name Red Gazelle?" seems to be our most frequently asked question.

The gazelle is small, swift, and efficient, yet, it is one of nature's most beautiful designs.
Red represents our courage do business in a manner we are proud of and to create an environment in our lives that creates a balance of work, family, friends, and values. The name "Red Gazelle" represented a philosopy shift. We had become tired of fighting to bring down the biggest prey on the hoof regardless of the long term satisfaction. Bloody mess in the end actually! We broke from the predatory fast track to run with the gazelles and give ourselves the freedom to pursue an ethical, rewarding environment. We strive to give each client an individual solution and personal service that is often lost with companies that seem to focus on the big prize.

Red Gazelle is more than an icon for a company...it is our philosophy.


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