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A logo is a single visual impression that encompasses an identity.

Branding & Identity
The term "identity" has more than one facet. The first element of identity is a name. If a company is at this early stage of development, we will be happy to assist with suggestions and our knowledge of target markets.

The second element of identity is a logo. This is a mark, icon, or text treatment that consistently identifies an organization. If the integrity of a well-designed logo is maintained, the recognition it develops will become a powerful asset in marketing efforts. The logo will come to represent not only a name or identity, but carry with it an association with all connected marketing efforts and experiences with products and services. We take great care in designing logos that reflect personality, communicate professionalism, can be used in a variety of applications and instances, and have high recognition potential.

The final aspect of your identity involves branding. This goes beyond the logo and includes elements used across all marketing initiatives. Branding can include specific photo treatments, design elements, color palettes, or writing styles. A style should be defined to tie marketing collateral together. This overall branding can be updated as needs or objectives change, but should remain consistent throughout all marketing efforts including print, web, and other advertising media.

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