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Good designers can create normalcy out of chaos; they can clearly communicate ideas through the organizing and manipulating of words and pictures.
—Jeffery Veen



Graphic Design
Nothing replaces visual marketing collateral you can hold, pass around, and read without an electronic device. In this age of electronic media, print still holds a place in the public heart. Although digital media is interactive, print promotes a sense of stability. The presentation of a printed piece is unhampered by hardware, software, or preference settings. The user experience is the same any time, any place. A reader is free to peruse your information on their terms.

Print advertising pieces - cards, brochures, information folders, stationery, mailers - is called "collateral" in the marketing industry. Appropriately termed, this form of advertising can be a valuable asset for capturing attention and maintaining a presence. There is something comforting in tangibility. Listed below are just a few examples of print marketing.

Business Cards and Stationery

A business card or letterhead is often the first branding impression you make on your audience. Our business card designs capitalize on your branding and message making that first visual communication step with your target market. We often like to use the back of a card to make a a more concrete statement. Our card and stationery designs are part of the overall branding packages we develop.

Rack Cards
A rack card is typically a vertical card 1/3 the width of a normal horizontal sheet of paper. It is printed on heavy stock. It is the bridge between a business card and a full brochure. Rack cards are call such because they typically sit in a counter rack among other cards in such public places as airports, restaurants, convention centers, etc. The front of the rack card is the visual impact area to encourage pick-up. The back will briefly tell the audience about your product or services and encourage contact for more information.

Post Cards
Direct mail is often an effective avenue to reach potential clients. However, in this day of excessive junk mail, your mailing piece must have immediate visual impact to stand out against the clutter. Clear branding and strong call-to-action items are imperative in an effective mailer.

Print Advertising

Newspapers, magazines, trade publications, are just a few of the ways to reach your market. We design advertising in black and white, spot color, full-color, in any size. We are happy to communicate directly with the print departments at any chosen publication to acquire specs, sizes, and providing the required file format so getting your ad out there is a painless process.

A brochure is similar to a phone call. Your audience, by either picking up or requesting a brochure, has already shown some interest in your product or services. Brochures continue imbedding your overall branding in the minds of potential customers while providing the opportunity for your audience to gather more details of your organization. Brochures come in all sizes and shapes, with limited or expansive information presentation depending on the goals of the project.

Marketing Kits
A marketing kits usually consists of a folder, designed to convey your branding, containing complete sets of collateral--business card, brochures, white sheets, price lists, specifications, etc. The material enclosed in a marketing kit can be variable depending on the specific audience receiving the package. Marketing kits are generally flexible so materials can be added and changed as needed. A marketing kit is valuable for providing expansive and specific information to audiences evaluating your organization.

These are just a few of the ways print collateral can serve your organization. The list of ideas is endless. To see some of the print we have done for clients, check out Our Work graphic design section.

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