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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
—Steve Jobs


Website Services
The highly trained creative design and development team at Red Gazelle Design will employ the most up-to-date technological advances and creative services to design a website that will effectively portray your company's image and services, maximize your company's exposure in the search engines, promote navigational speed and ease, and generate revenue.

Web Site Marketing
One of the hardest things about optimizing your website is knowing where to begin. Red Gazelle Marketing will review and evaluate the major areas of your site. The evaluation covers all of the major areas of the website, mentioning the positive aspects of each section and how they can be further polished. We also point out areas of your site that need a little (or a lot) more "TLC". We focus on what needs to change in order for the site to have the potential for better rankings in the search engines as well as give your website visitors a better experience.

Web Site Design & Development
Your goal is to have the most effective website possible. Let the creative design and development team Red Gazelle Design Group create an exciting user-friendly website that will exceed your marketing objectives. If your current website needs updating, our design team can evaluate it and make suggestions to improve its effectiveness.

Web Site Maintenance
An up-to-date web site with current content is imperative to compete in today's online environment. Red Gazelle can assist you in maintaining your site with frequent continual monitoring of time-sensitive areas and continual updating of graphics and text.

Intranet & Extranet Development
Effective communication saves time and money. Red Gazelle can develop a custom-designed, password protected Intranet to use as a central hub to present internal company documents, promote company events, and allow employees to communicate with each other. Impress your clients with a custom-designed, password protected Extranet that enables you to communicate and present online documents and proposals to them in the most efficient manner.

Application Development
Red Gazelle can assist you in choosing the appropriate applications and technological advances to build the most effective website. The E-site Marketing team can also design tools and applications to meet your individual goals and objectives

Content , Copywriting and Proofing
Perhaps one of the more important aspects of the project is deciding what to say and where and how to say it. Unlike other aspects of production where you can let out your breath and say "I'm done", content management never stops. You must constantly appeal to your audience with fresh and interesting information. Done properly, your web site will be easily updated, keeping the content new and your visitors interested. Red Gazelle can assist you with this by using their professional editors and copywriters to create and streamline your online content , make sure your content presentation is professional and easy to read as well as enable successfully enhance search engine optimization.




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